What's new on this site?

Added blogpost recommendations


Added related posts after a blogpost based on the tags to increase engagement. Try a post!.

Combining custom likes with twitter likes


Added support for Webmentions to the blog. I'm combining likes and mentions from twitter with my custom likes from Fauna. Next up displaying replies/comments?

Updated theme toggle


In order to respect the visitors system preference a theme switcher should have at least 3 options (system, dark & light). I had super fun building this interactive switcher with Framer motion, try it out in the header!

Added blogpost tags


Easily find posts on a specific topic, try out #React, #Framer Motion or #CSS.

Added Changelog


That's what you're looking at right now! 🎉 In the spirit of #buildinpublic I am now publishing the latest changes for this site in this changelog in addition to keeping the souce public on GitHub. If you want to see how a feature is built I've included the commit hashes and a link to the respective commit.

Since this website was released I have to date added 128 commits with various features and improvements. I've retrofitted this changelog with some of the major ones.

🔍 Added search to /blog


You can now search for posts on the blog to quickly find what you're looking for. It's also a great way for me to see what people are interested in reading about.

Other changes:
  • Use correct font in Notion content
  • Fix notion pages getStaticPaths fallback
  • Added code line highlightning via mdx-prism
  • Added canonical urls to blogposts
  • Improved newsletter signup page

🖼 Added images to all blogposts


The posts in the blog are now a lot more clickable!

👍 Added like button to blogposts


Show me what you enjoy by pressing the like button on blogposts! Built with Fauna inspired by Josh's post on page-counters.

💌 Added newsletter


Learn animations, CSS, web development tips & tricks and creating delightful and useful interfaces! Sign up here.

🎶 Add now playing widget to footer


Check out the original implementation by Lee Robinson.

Other changes:
  • Animated page transitions
  • Added LICENSE
  • Dynamic meta images

Add Hit-counter to blogposts

Other changes:
  • Added RSS feed
  • Added custom 404 page

Add sitemap

Other changes:
  • Added syntax highlightning to blog
  • Added analytics
  • Added social links to footer
  • Dynamic meta images

⚡️ This site was born!


This website went live and was built with the following stack:

  • Next.js
  • Typescript
  • MDX
  • CSS Modules
  • Notion

Initial commit